​​​We are in the business of creating, innovating and developing electric vehicle technologies and products such as ultra-fast integrated chargers for electric buses, innovative super-fast chargers for electric cars and new EV products such as electric trucks and other types of EVs. Our leading-edge solutions make public and private transportation operationally viable and sustainable without the use of expensive charging infrastructure.

- Complete Computer Diagnostics
- Complete Safety Analysis
- Drivability Problems
- Electric Motor Tune-ups
- Braking Oil Changes

Besides the outright sales of electric buses and integrated chargers, we also, together with our partners, provide maintenance, training, software upgrades and other related services to clients. We seek to provide quality services to our clients. 

​​Electric Vehicles

- Tires
- Brake repair specialists
- Battery & BMS checks
- Fleet Maintenance
- Electric Bus Inspection


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The key components of our products and solutions are developed and manufactured  in-house ranging from battery cells, electric power trains,  charging infrastructure and even the battery management system. We are therefore able to provide a one-stop service with customized solutions for both our public sector and private sector clients.   

Our associates and partners include leading research institutes funded by A*STAR, which are working with us on power consumption studies and big data.  Hope Technik, a renowned Singapore-based engineering and R&D firm which is working with us on advanced technology and engineering matters. Morelastic Green Resources, which is a waste-to-energy company which is working with us on alternative power supply. We are also working with Ascendas Singbridge, Asia's leading provider of urban solutions and SUSNOMICS, a green building consultant (LEEDS, ESTIDAMA and ESCO services). 



- Alignments

- Electric Charger System Services
- Steering and Suspensions
- Air Conditioning Service
- Electrical Systems

We are developing ultra-fast chargers that can charge fully electric buses in only 15 minutes (from zero to full charge). We are also developing chargers for electric cars that needs only 30 minutes for a full charge. For electric buses, we use leading-edge fourth-generation Nano technology Lithium Titanate batteries which operates from a temperature range of between minus 40 degrees Centigrade and plus 60 degrees Centigrade and has a lifespan of up to 30,000 cycles. Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries only have a lifespan of up to 6,000 cycles.    

We are actively engaged in discussions as well as providing our expertise and knowledge in fully electric buses and charging infrastructure and related systems to key Government Agencies in Singapore as well as local and foreign Corporate Entities. This is to enable them to make informed decisions in the future acquisition of electric buses, the setting up charging infrastructure, fleet management and maintenance matters. Please refer to the following activities that we have carried out to date:

8 Feb 2017 - Received a Letter of Intent from Loh Gim Chong Transport ( for the replacement of their existing fleet of buses to DTE's fully electric bus. Loh Gim Chong Transport was established since 1981 and has branded themselves "mybus". They have being providing premium bus services to the Changi Business Park since 2010. 

01 Jan 2017 - DTE has appointed Dr Marcelo H. ANG Jr from National University of Singapore and Mr. Alfred Chia Yew Keong from Squire Patton Boggs Singapore to serve on DTE's Advisory Board.  

21 Dec 2016 - Received a Letter of Offer from SPRING Singapore with regards to our Capability Development Grant application. 

21 Oct 2016 - Appointed as the exclusive business representative for PT Citra Metrojaya Putra, Indonesia to handle Waste-To-Energy projects in Sri Lanka.

13 Oct 2016 - Discussion with Keppel Electric to explore business collaboration on a nation-wide charging infrastructure project. 

26 Sep 2016 - Established contact with the Sri Lanka's Authorities on Energy Investment and Electric Bus deployment. 

​23 Sep 2016 - Signed a Collaboration Agreement with Electric Power Innovation Consultancy (EPIC) on their Energy Harvesting Technology. 

08 Sep 2016 - Confirmation of collaboration with Director of PT. Mabar Eletrindo, an Indonesia power generation company, and President Director of PT. Garda Sayap Garuda, an Indonesia electricity distribution company.

06 Sep 2016 - Received Letter of Support from Energy Arbitrageurs Pte Ltd pledging their full support  for DTE. 

25 Aug 2016 - Discussion with Singapore Power Strategic Development Department on business collaboration on nation-wide charging infrastructure matters.

17 Aug 2016 - Completion of Strategic Branding Exercise where the company name has been re-branded as "DTE Pte Ltd" (Determined To Electrify).

02 Aug 2016 - Discussion with EDB Cities, Infrastructure & Industrial Solution / Cluster Group Engineering  on electric bus implementation in Singapore's commercial sector.    

29 Jul 2016 - Collaboration discussion with Tower Transit.

25 Jul 2016 - Discussion with LTA's assets division on electric bus public trial possibilities in Singapore.  

01 Jul 2016 - Submission of electric bus and charging station quotation to Indonesia APRIL Group.

01 Jul 2016 - MOU of services signed with a reputable developer to use our fast charging electric bus to provide shuttle services at their flagship property.

01 Jul 2016 - MOU on sales & collaboration signed with Morelastic Green Resources.


03 Jun 2016 - Collaboration discussion with Woodlands Transport.

10 Apr 2016 - Confirmation of collaboration and support by MyBus transport company.

21 Mar 2016 - In-depth discussion with LTA's Approval, E-mobility and Engineering Team Division officers on Electric bus approval. 

01 Feb 2016 - Execution of engineering collaboration with Hope Technik Pte Ltd.

23 Jan 2016 - Commencement of cooperation with SUSNOMICS Engineering System.

06 Jan 2016 - Engagement of A*STAR Experimental Power Grid Center (EPGC) to undertake research study on power grid.

01 Dec 2015 - Engagement of A*STAR SIMTech to execute material studies on our products.

25 Aug 2015 - Obtained EMA affirmation on DTE's charging infrastructure.

29 Apr 2015 - LTA Infrastructure Division invites DTE to discuss electric bus charging infrastructure power requirements and implementation.

29 Jan 2014 - Keppel Infrastructure invites DTE to discuss on possible business collaboration.

​11 Apr 2013 - Participated in LTA's invitation for Singapore Industrial Consultation Exercise on electric bus trial opportunity.​