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For most people, electric vehicles are expensive and unsafe.



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Welcome to DTE's website. On behalf of DTE Pte Ltd and all the employees, I would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the leaders and friends from all circles for their long-term concerns and support they rendered us. This website had given us many opportunities to collaborate with relevant Global Organisations in regards to new electric vehicles technologies and innovations. We hope this little website of ours will also be able to help you and your Organisation fulfill your needs.

For a start, lets get to understand what is happening around us. In this present moment where fuel resources demand starts to increase tremendously along with the growth of the World population and the implementation of many new high technological devices, Energy Expects and many Nations Governing Bodies are beginning to concern about the sustainability and the rising cost of these resources. To aggravate this inclement situation, emissions from this energy production factually contribute a very big threat to our global environment. Therefore many Nations have signed the UN agreement to prevent a dangerous impact on the World's climate. Apart from limiting and setting strict control measures for all production factories, many countries are now setting up their own National Ecology Department to brainstorm new technologies and ways to campaign against pollution while setting their pace towards “Green” movement. I hereby urge any readers who happen to come across my this little website, continue to advocate global environmental protection in any means with their heart. 

In response to global energy, environmental and climate challenges, electric vehicles have emerged as a possible solution and a new trend in the global automotive industry. Electric vehicles have the potential to help significantly reduce the carbon emissions from vehicles. In addition, electric vehicles have a number of other distinct benefits, including independence from fossil fuels. It is foreseen Electric Vehicles shall soon dominate the future automobile industry. Our company envisages to size this opportunity and to establish ourselves as Top World Electric Vehicle Automaker. We provision Green Vehicles and its Power Train Components. We also have the latest Lithium Titanate battery ranging from small button cells to industrial storage systems. If our electric vehicles, ESS or services can be part of your solution towards Green effort, please quickly get in touch with us. 

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DTE Pte Ltd

DTE Pte Ltd

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So, to eliminate these fear, we have gone through proper test by accredited test laboratories and got ourselves awarded the EU Certification that are compliance to International IEC safety standards. We also assure you that our price is one of the lowest. We genuinely care about your concerns and hope you have a great experience with us. 



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We are determined to electrify all the automotive industries. 

For the benefit of our future generations to have a livable and healthy environment, our company strive to electrify every automotive vehicle on this planet Earth. 

We want to be the electric vehicle expert that you will turn to for all your electric automotive needs.

For the many years we’ve been in business, we have been striving to provide our clients the best quality products and services. 


We want nothing more than to keep you and your vehicle safe on the road. 

Whether you own or lease our products, we’re the place to take your electric vehicles for scheduled maintenance, extended warranty work, crucial technical repairs, or even a simple battery cell check.