DTE Pte Ltd

​Determined To Electrify



Having a corporate culture is of paramount importance to a company. It entails the company daily affairs of how it is being managed and the way it persevere in this challenging environment. It also congregate all the values, believes and norms of the company as it paces towards its Big Vision.

The company advocates Passion, Integrity, Commitment and being Optimistic as our values. Having passion for the company and the undertaking work is part of the pre-requisite of our employee's requirement during their enrollment. Respect and entrusting faith to the company has to be the soul belief of all members of the company. The necessity to love in order to serve never deviate one another. Caring and concern for each and every member is a habitual norm in the company. Family values shall never be neglected in this company. The company will always respect members with good family ethics and shall always support the needs to embrace them.

Having integrity and embracing the honest truth is the utmost core value that our company promulgates. Being loyal and having devotion with good faith to the company and its clients is the fundamental needs of all members in the company. The company will always condemn dishonesty and any intentions of hiding the truth to mislead others.

Commitment to serve and providing values to the community is the dynamic spirit of the company. The fulfillment of the community’s needs is always the key priority of the company. The greatest achievement and rewards that our company envisages is to see the community prosperous and living merrily. It is always an honor for the company to provision its profession for the community.

Our honorable value is we never let challenges defeat us. The company strongly believes there is always a solution for any challenges. The company will always fight forward with determination & perseverance. The company will never choose to flight away from any of them. Being optimistic to approach all challenges is our company norm and that is always advocated to all members. Like our late President Mr. S R Nathan who beaten the odds despite his humble beginnings once said, "Every time you go in the deep end of the pool and come out of it, there's a satisfaction". In line with his advice, our company's methodology is to Face it, Beat it & Strive Forward.